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I’ve worked within the Video Games Industry and Virtual Reality for over 26 years, and have a wealth of experience covering all aspects of development and publishing in video games and VR.
Consultant on the production of AAA and indy to induce Emotions, activate the CNS Rewards System, produce player's fun, attention and motivation in the Video Game and VR.

Associate Professor and Affective gaming researcher Noroff University Norway, Lecturer UCO L3Di University France. International lecturer: UX / Emotions and affective gaming in video game: ENSAM Paris, Ritsumeïkan Kyoto, Kanagawa IT Tokyo, Cybertherapy Ottawa, Siggraph Asia Singapore.

CEO & founder: ASTERION XR Technologies - Law Enforcement, Military and SAR simulations.

President and Founder of the: Emotional Games Awards.

Specialties: Emotions induction in video game and VR. Producer. Creative Director expertise, Game designer. Video Game Consulting and expertise on User Experience.

Researcher at Laval University Canada, on emotionally reactive avatar. I coordinated UX research on emotional affective gaming UBISOFT (FUNii).

Ph.D. In Engineering and Neuroscience ParisTech ENSAM University: Process of Induction of emotions in video game and VR.


I use to enhance player fun, attention and motivation through Emotional Level Design, Gamification, Narrative emotional pace scripting, Flow, DDA Dynamic Difficulties adjustment, and colours scripting.

I developed the Bernardo Agents concept (Autonomous Emotional Agent) for VR and the schematic Circumplex model of emotion for designing emotional colours scripting in video game.

Strong leadership skills with management through influence and collaboration.
Able to extract a long term vision and roadmaps.
Strong architecture skills and out of the box thinking, give concrete solutions from high-level concepts
Recognized as a strong individual performer, as well as a expert and early evangelist in VR.

Developing, using and teaching deep game design and simulations VR methodology that are able to guaranty game play quality and UX Design.


Game producer, Creative director. Affective Gaming Ph.D researcher.

"Using science to create Art is possible!
Leonardo Da Vinci shown the way ahead!

Erik Geslin NY



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